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We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the best sources for obtaining high quality Carbon Black Powder, Plastic Pyrolysis Oil & Industrial Light Diesel Oil at market leading price.

About Us

Though a new contender of the industry, we, Amma Green Technology, have carved excellence marks in the industry as a manufacturer. Our offerings include finest quality Industrial Light Diesel Oil, Plastic Pyrolysis Oil and Carbon Black Powder. In a very short span of time, we have become the first preference of many major companies all over India. This is because we have hired a diligent team that is responsible for the management of our unit as well as smooth functioning of our business. Our employees are the reason behind our tremendous success in less time. When we first entered the industry, many experienced companies stood in our way as our competitors as well as business roadblocks. We overcame each barrier, competed with them and set new standards of quality and production. People who have given us the chance to serve them are highly pleased by our services today and proudly recommend our name to others. This motivates us and make us more eager to serve people in the best way possible. Our company has a unique ability to adjust as per the ever-changing market norms, which makes us a prominent, flexible and forward looking manufacturer.

Product Use

  • Plastic pyrolysis (waste plastic to fuel oil) conversion machinery can be supplied
  • Tyre pyrolysis (Waste tyre to fuel oil ) conversion machinery can be supplied
  • Bio diesel (Waste food oil, styrene, CNSL, Fat) etc
  • E- waste to precious metal gathering plant
  • Bamboo pyrolysis (Bamboo, wood ,coconut to charcoal & Activated carbon)
  • Sugar factory waste pyrolysis ( waste to bio gas & electricity)
  • Bio mass to bio fuel (Waste food,vegitables to Ethanolconversion)
  • Carbon dioxide to Methanol conversion to reduce pollution in All type of industries
  • Oil purifiers for pyrolysis plants


Why Choose Us?

Like other manufacturers, we do not boast of our services and product range as Industrial Light Diesel Oil, but we ask for a chance from customers. Till today we have never disappointed any of our customers, and only made them proud of their decision of associating with us. Our services make them realize that we are an expert which allows them to overlook the fact that we are new in this industry. Following are some of the factors which help us in attracting as well as impressing customers:

  • Promise of prompt delivery of consignments
  • Our habit of operating business with ethics
  • Reasonable prices of our products

Our Objectives

We aim to register our name among the most reputed manufacturing companies of India. In addition to this, our objective is to become globally renowned as a profound as well as reliable source of Industrial Light Diesel Oil, Carbon Black Powder, etc. We are one our way to transform all our dreams into reality and emerge as customer's favorite supplier. 

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